Manual Hard Drive Settings
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Thread: Manual Hard Drive Settings

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    Manual Hard Drive Settings

    I have been having a hard time setting up a new hard drive on my computer. The BIOS will not autodetect the hard drive so I am trying to input drive settings manually. I have the following information:

    CYL 9729 Heads 16 Sectors 63

    I went to the Western Digital web site and the Landing Zone which I assume is the same thing as LandZ is 16383. It does not seem to list the Precomp though. They list somethign called WPC. Could this be the Precomp? The number is the same as the Landing Zone.

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    First make sure disk is set to master and is the only one on the IDE cable, also try both of the IDE channels and make sure you are not connecting it to RAID controler if your motherboard has one.

    Then what are your computer specs, especially motherboard and what kind of HDD do you want to connect.

    But really if BIOS isnt auto detecting hard disk and assuming you dont have really, really old computer, we are talking pentium class and older, then its either defective disk or disk which can not be recognized by the BIOS due to its size. The latter can be remedied by either possible BIOS update or added IDE controler.

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    And if it is a Western Digital, remember that they usually have different jumper settings for Master with Slave present and for a single drive. Make sure that you are jumpered correctly in that regard. It is very easy to "assume" with that maker.

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