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    Acer AL1913...

    Hey guys,

    Just got this monitor about a month ago, and now having some problems with it. I can't really contact my supplier today so I thought I would pick your brains.

    After siting for a while, when I go to resume from it's standby mode, the screen comes on for a split second, and then goes black. The power light is still green, and if I unplug the VGA cable after it does this, the power light turns I know that it is recognizing that it's plugged in.

    Usually what I have to do is pull the AC power from it, and let it sit for a bit. when I plug it back in, it sometimes will work, and sometimes won't. I also found it helps to unplug my KVM switch and plug it directly into the computer I am working on.

    Do you think my KVM could have cause this problem? Can LCDs not handle the constant switching of a KVM?

    Any feedback would be great. I know these monitors are quite low cost....I am wondering if they are problem prone.


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    My first TFT wouldn't wake up well either. What would happen is that at power on, the screen would be solid grey. After messing with it a while, I came up with an idea of what the problem was. It seemed like the screen needed to "warm up," and once it did, it would work just fine. What I ended up doing was just leaving it at grey screen for maybe 5 minutes, turn it off, then back on again. After "rebooting the monitor" it worked just fine. I wonder if you might have the same issue? Maybe try what I did above and see what happens.

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