Verizon Mobile Office with Quick 2 Net
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Thread: Verizon Mobile Office with Quick 2 Net

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    Verizon Mobile Office with Quick 2 Net

    I am facing some financial obstacles and looking at all possible cost-cutting measures. One of them is to cancel my landline telephone at home and use my Verizon cell phone exclusively for phone calls. The only reason I need a landline is for dial-up Internet access. Verizon has a product called Mobile Office that allows you to connect your cell phone (mine is a Samsung a650) to your PC and access the Internet. I don't have data access on my cell phone so I would be stuck with the Quick 2 Net option making essentially a voice call to my ISP and it is, I understand, very slow. But for the sake of checking my e-mail, that would be adequate.

    I am not in a position to upgrade my cell phone for Web access, subscribe to cable Internet, buy a Blackberry, Bluetooth or any other handheld Internet device of any color. (See first sentence about financial obstacles.) But before I cut the umbilical cord on my landline telephone I would like to know if the Verizon Mobile Office really works with a dial-up modem. I am willing to invest the $40 in Verizon Mobile Office in order to save $35 a month on my landline phone if indeed it works.

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    Yes, it works, I know people who have done it It's a PITA to configure, though- you might want to try to get it working FIRST. Gives you 14.4kb speeds.

    Note that they have a high-speed internet plan, too, but it costs about $45/month. For anyone else reading this and getting any ideas- beware that by "unlimited internet", VZW really means "100mb/month" and they have been known to cancel contracts without warning if you pass that, charging you a $150 early termination fee for your troubles.
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