Compaq m2105US issue
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Thread: Compaq m2105US issue

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    Unhappy Compaq m2105US issue

    Iv'e got a Compaq m2105us for business purposes (great little machine, ridiculously cheap) and a kyocera 650 wireless card from verizon. Every now and again, windows will crash to BSOD and reboot with a USB error (as much as I can gleam from the 2 seconds that particular screen stays up).

    This is NOT a problem unique to my machine; as another m2105us we purchased has the same issue. Anyone hear of this/know of a fix?


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    Are you running the latest XP SP2 and patches? I've seen similar issues resolved using the newer USB drivers that MS provides with SP 2.
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    Also check hp/Compaq's site for newer drivers and install those if they're available.
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