please help with video card selection
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Thread: please help with video card selection

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    Jan 1999

    please help with video card selection

    200Mz Pentium, 48meg Ram, 2 yr old computer,
    I need a PCI card that will run games faster,
    please recommend best deal for me..... I
    currently have the diamond stealth 2000d w/
    4 mb ram, it is shot. would like < 100.00

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    Jan 1999
    I just bought a card with the 3dfx Voodoo Banshee chipset, I am very pleased with it. Voodoo Banshee chipset's are the best prefomers at the lowest price.

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    Jan 1999
    Woods Cross, Ut. USA
    I have the same system as you. 200 pent.
    48 megs. with a 4 meg stealth 2000.
    I got a monster 2 and I am very impressed.
    Get one. And when you upgrade the CPU you
    can take it with you.

    1 GHz T-Bird @ 1466
    256 PC-150 RAM
    Abit KT7A RAID
    Asus V7700
    Hang on Luke, She's headed fer the barn!

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    I agree with Jim. The Banshee is almost as fast as the Voodoo (actually faster in some games) and for the price or less than a voodoo2 you get a good 2D card as well. It runs fast on slower CPUs. If you have a fast CPU i.e. PII 333 or above than you should buy a TNT.

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