Please help me choose laptop
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Thread: Please help me choose laptop

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    Please help me choose laptop

    i am looking right now at getting a midrange laptop, that can play some games
    and dvds. i am stuck choosing between these two:

    Toshiba Satellite P30-RV2 Intel Pentium 4 532 HT 3.06GHz Laptop (P30-RV2)
    Radeon 9700 pro 128 mb
    512 mb ddr ram
    1699.99 canadian


    Gateway 8510GZ Intel Pentium M 740 1.73GHz Laptop
    Radeon x700 64 mb
    512 mb ddr2 ram
    1699.99 canadian

    both these systems have 100gb harddrives, wireless internet, 17" screens, and dvd writers, so what i am wondering is if i would get better performance with a Pentium 4 and larger 9700 pro, or the slower pentium m with an x700 with half the ram of the 9700.
    battery life is not an issue.
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