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Thread: Got a little problem

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    Got a little problem

    Recently I've been thinking of buying a 3d card but dont really know what's best, I've got a P 200 w/MMX and have been thinking about a Monster 3d II but learned that to get the best performance out of it I'll nedd a P II.Have any advice?

    MR T 1

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    Some great advice:
    Don't waste your money on an expensive Pentium II processor but its less known (yet more powerful) sister, the Celeron. I know you may not think of it as top of the line, but thats just what they want you to think. A 366 MHz Celeron can easily be overclocked at an amazing 550 MHz for only a fraction of the price!

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    A P200 wiil be a bit of a "bottleneck" no matter whay kind of 3D card you get. However, I once Put a Monster 3DII in a sP200 system and the performance was better then you might think.

    I would go for the M3DII as you woul have all bases covered: D3D, Open GL, and Glide.

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