Dis/Advantages of buying mixed notebook RAM?
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Thread: Dis/Advantages of buying mixed notebook RAM?

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    Dis/Advantages of buying mixed notebook RAM?

    Hi everyone!

    Just a quick intro: I have an IBM/Lenovo laptop with 1GB ram, and it is PC2-4200 CL4 NP DDR2 SDRAM SODIMM (http://www-604.ibm.com/webapp/wcs/st...uctId=33075342)

    I want to upgrade to 2GB, and I can either buy another stick of the same, or get a "faster" stick of PC2-5300. I know that the PC2-5300 will drop down speed to match the PC2-4200, so considering that they cost the same for me to upgrade, which would be better? The PC2-4200 says it has a CAS latency of 4 clock cycles whereas the PC2-5300 has a latency of 5. Since it will be falling back to the PC2-4200 speeds, does this mean it may even be slower?

    The 2 sticks are as follows:
    1GB PC2-5300 CL5 NP DDR2 SDRAM SODIMM (http://www-604.ibm.com/webapp/wcs/st...uctId=33075342)
    1GB PC2-4200 CL4 NP DDR2 SDRAM SODIMM (http://www-604.ibm.com/webapp/wcs/st...86018425087607)

    The only other real reason I can see to buy the PC2-5300 stick is if I upgrade my laptop later and re-use the PC2-5300 stick in its full capacity.

    Alternatively, I suppose I could buy a 2GB stick of the PC2-5300, but I don't know if it would be worth while as the current 1GB stick would then be obsolete?

    FYI it is a Thinkpad/Lenovo T43 with the following specs: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/si...cid=MIGR-58315

    More details on the specs here: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/si...MIGR-58317#mem

    The processor is a Pentium M 760 2GHz (133Mhz clock/bus speed according to CPU-Z and 532MHz rated FSB)

    Edit: Does anyone know IF I did buy a 2GB stick of the PC2-5300, whether my laptop would be compatible with it (the specs say max 2gb but it sort of implies that it is max 2 X 1GB sticks) or if the laptop would even be able to run the faster speeds ? (or would I have to phone IBM to find out)

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    Provided memory modules in question has been confirmed to be compatible,
    Whichever selection is cheapest, in terms of price.
    "I know nothing."

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    Thanks for that...

    but if the laptop has 133Mhz clock/bus speed and 532MHz rated FSB, it wouldn't be able to take advantage of the 667 ram would it? even if both sticks were 667 it would run at 533 and then 533 @ 5 latency would be slower... or am I getting things wrong?

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    OEM bios vary in how they treat faster ram. SPD settings coded into the rom chip on the memory will gve the option of different timings depending on the speed that is used. Some oem bios will make use of the faster timings when both sticks have them. I have a Compaq notebook that does that. Some will not and will stick to slower settings. I have a Toshiba that behaves that way.

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    IMHO RAM is not the place to go cheap. I like Micron (crucial) and have had success with them for the last 8 years. If you are looking to save, maybe eBay \ Crucial combo will be good. I have used Samsung RAM, however, I experienced my first RAM failure with this module.

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