i want new pda
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Thread: i want new pda

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    i want new pda

    ok so i got a clie t615c...but i want one wif ms mobile 2005...is that coming out yet? i heard a while back it would be april or may but i havent seen anything...but would love one with that and a nice fat 80 giger on top of what the asus 730w has
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    Toshiba Satellite A75-S211 [3.2 ghz p4, 80 gb, 768 ram, dvd burner, usb2 300 gig maxtor, el cheapo usb2 DL dvd burner
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    The official launch of Windows Mobile 5.0 was back in May, so I'm sure it won't be too much longer before devices start to appear with it. Dell and HP both announced they'd be offering software upgrades for certain types of PDAs, but I dunno if they'll do that for free when it happens.
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