Minimum requirements for 3Dfx games
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Thread: Minimum requirements for 3Dfx games

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    Minimum requirements for 3Dfx games

    What is the minimum requirements in a video
    graphics card do I need to play 3Dfx games?
    I use a AMD K6 233mhz in a VX Pro mainboard,
    have PCI (no AGP)
    Can I use an older Voodoo, or, what would you suggest, lowprice wise? I don't care for fast
    fps, just want to be able to at least play the 3Dfx games.
    Currently have a 3d Revolution Number Nine
    video graphics with 4mb memory.

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    go ahead and add on a 12 meg voodoo 2. Youre well above the minimum requirements, and since your 2d card is just fine, its not like you have any need for a banshee.
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