audio cds not burning correctly...
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Thread: audio cds not burning correctly...

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    audio cds not burning correctly...

    Hey guys,

    Quick question here - my LG GSA-4160b DVD-RW writes audio/data CDS perfectly.

    But, when trying to play a burned audio CD in my deck in my truck, it plays the first 2-4 tracks fine, and then after that the tracks start to skip....pieces of the songs are almost missing. Eventually, the tracks just are unreadable later in the CD...The deck recognizes it has 17 tracks for example, but the timer just sits at 00:00 and doesn't move/play the track. Yet, the first few play great. The same CD will work 100% okay in any other cd player....not just cd-roms.

    This dvd-rw has burned audio cds that worked fine in my truck was only recently. I thought it had something to do with my previous mobo crapping out, but even after my upgrade and fresh installs of Windows and Nero, it does the same thing.

    I have tried Nero Express and Nero Burning ROM, same issue.

    My truck plays all other cds fine, just the ones made by this dvd-rw.

    My next step is going to try installing Roxio and burn a CD with that...if that doesn't work I guess I will throw in one of my older CD-RWs...

    Strange though...drives me nuts

    Thanks for any feedback,

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    The burning software is not at fault. An audio CD is just about the easiest task for any mastering software. Sometimes, certain combinations of recorders/media/playback units just don't get along, and it can get worse as they age.

    It could be something simple like dust on the lens, but if it plays factory-pressed discs OK, that's probably not it.

    You may be able to mitigate the problem by employing some of the standard solutions for media incompatibility (different brand, length, color, formulation, etc), but if you're using the same discs you always have (that is, you haven't opened a new package), and they suddenly don't work only in the truck, then it's probably the truck's fault.
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    probably just low quality cd's. that happened to me, more expensive cd's worked perfectly.

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