Ahhhh Aprilia!!!!
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Thread: Ahhhh Aprilia!!!!

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    Ahhhh Aprilia!!!!

    i am a huge sportbike fan and i saw the pics of the sportbikes in the sin post i just sold my 02 600 F4I and i am looking at getting the new ZX-6RR i really want a RSV millie but europien bikes cost an arm and a left nut over here in the states ahhhh DROOL....

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    Heh zx-6rr that sounds more like a Kawasaki than as aprillia.

    Edit : Bah thought you meant an aprillia zx-6rr not an aprillia RSv

    Could you not try and source one in the uk and import it over? Might work out cheaper?

    Its 10,699 over in the UK, That'd work out about $17000 plus shipping and registering that'd probably work out about $20k
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    There are a lot of Aprilia's that are for sale in the US. www.apriliaforum.com/forums. That's where I hang out too.
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