Sinister lines on my Monitor Screen
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Thread: Sinister lines on my Monitor Screen

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    Sinister lines on my Monitor Screen

    I have a Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop. Recently a vertical, thin, green line has appeared about 2 inches in from right side of screen. This remains constant throughout all programs. It does NOT appear when I connect to an External Monitor. I know Dell will say 'replace the screen uni't. But I would like to know whether there are any tests or other options open to me - am good with screwdriver and on.

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    If its under warranty, my suggestion, dont mess with it.

    As for what you can do yourself, probably not much anyway.
    Manufacturers of laptops make damn sure its close to impossible to replace just one part.
    Especially when it comes to screens there really isnt much you can do, at least thats what I heard.

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    If the line really were sinister, it'd be on the left of the screen.

    In the case of laptops under warranty, it is better to just let Dell take care of it. I would back up anything important just in case they goof up.
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    Sinister line on my Monitor Screen

    Thanks for help. Since first posting I have now replaced the
    LCD Flex cables 14.4" 625FR. This does not solve the problem. (Also, the problem does NOT not occur on an external monitor).
    I am very curious to know what exactly might cause these lines. I also want to remove them without paying Dell an arm and a leg for a new display. Any further advice on this.

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