Help!!! 9550 guru locks up Win XP pro!!
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Thread: Help!!! 9550 guru locks up Win XP pro!!

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    Help!!! 9550 guru locks up Win XP pro!!

    I have a Gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra 939 with a Abit Guru Radeon 9550 graphic card.The problem is it keeps locking up,freezing.The only way out of it is to reboot.I have service pack 2 and all the latest drivers for the card and motherboard.Anyone got any idea's??

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    Welcome to HWC.

    If you had a video card previous to the 9550, did you completely uninstall its drivers first?

    When does it freeze - in games? During bootup?

    Check that the fan on the 9550 is spinning if it has one.

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    Make sure you have mthe latest graphics and chipset drivers and DX9.0c. Open the case and blow a fan in there. It might be heat. Make sure the fan is working like MuFu said and the heatsink is free of dust.

    If the problems still occure, you might try something like ATITool and see if lower the core or memory speed fixes the issue.
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    It might not have a fan, which could be a big part of the problem. Of all the passive GPUs I've experienced, the HS tends to get very hot. While they supposedly run within the thermal specs, it can't be good for the card long term.

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