greatest car ever!!!!
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    Not really on topic, but since you all like your cars, here goes:

    I am always thinking about getting a sports car for weekend driving to the coast and such.
    Now no way something new and expensive, neither something that everyone has. But then again it would be nice to also get there so I guess something like Alfa GTV is out of the question
    I was thinking Fiat Coupe Turbo, but then this car is really designed so it can be as expensive to repair as possible. We are easily talking up to several $k on repairs per year, depending on what goes bad. Then it is a rather big no no for all kind of wet conditions and probably not more reliable then GTV anyways.

    So now I have my eye on Ford Cougar. Out of production in 2003 and not many sold in Europe. Infact one guy on a fan board said there was only something like 3000 in total sold in France, for example.

    Model is Ford Cougar 2.5L 24V V6 170PS and looks exactly as the one on the pics bellow:
    pic 1
    pic 2

    ALU wheels are the same as those on the second picture and it has no rear spoiler (but that can be fixed )

    I can get good deal on it, great condition and very low mileage, the thing is more or less new.
    Still this is no real sports car, even with 225KM/h and 8.6 from 0-100, its really more of a tourer then anything else.
    Its front wheel car.
    Corners are not its best feauture, probably my Golf has better handling. On the other hand it has the looks and its supposed to be reliable and when on the motorway not many will be able to overtake you. Plus lets not forget the sound .

    So what do ya think?
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