Okay. I recently bought a evga card the 6600 gt that is 128 ram PCI express. I had a friend build my computer and he knew that I have a 300 watt power supply. When I bought the card I told him that the side of the box says a minimum of 350 power supply required, he said it wouldnt be nescessary and that it would work on my computer. Well low and behold it doesnt. I cant get enough power to the card. I know it sounds simple like "just upgrade your power supply" but I cant. I bought this cool antec aria case that comes with a 300 watt power supply and doesnt have any others that I could put in the case since its a custom shaped power supply. SO now my solution is this, downgrade my video card. BUT what I wanna know is this is the card I want


but nowhere on the net can I find what this card requires as in power supply. If anyone has this card or knows please let me know! I even shot off an email to asus and they havent got back to me yet!