Overclocking ATI
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Thread: Overclocking ATI

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    Overclocking ATI

    Hey guys,

    I picked up this fairly cheap Sapphire Radeon 9200 256MB video card from my supplier during a promo.

    So this card isn't built by ATI, its simply powered...which means the memory is probably pretty slow as Sapphire isn't the best card manufacturer...

    But, i was still curious if overclocking was an option? I have downloaded modded drivers in the past before my upgrade (see sig, main rig) and I used some ATI tweaking program, but it didn't really seem to make much difference...

    Has anyone out there overclocked this card before? What should I expect from it?

    Also, would adding a larger heatsink and fan (rather than just the factor heatsink without fan) help much?

    Thanks guys,

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    I have tried OCing a 64MB Gigabyte 9200 card. Cant exactly remember how far it went but I remember getting a bit of performance increase (few hundred 3D 2001 marks and a small but noticeable FPS increase in games like UT 2004). Don't expect a big boost, it would be at most a 5 - 10% increase. I think I used either ATI tool or PowerStrip. But from my personal experience without additional cooling OCing VGA cards is not worth the risk

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