Picked up new (to me) monitor today!
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Thread: Picked up new (to me) monitor today!

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    Picked up new (to me) monitor today!

    Just happened to be at Organized Living to check out their "Going out of business" sale, and noticed they were selling EVERYTHING! Including their fixtures and equipment. So I see this Viewsonic E70 (17" CRT, circa '03) for *$30*. Needless to say I snatched it up. Hell of an upgrade to that old Compaq V410 (circa '96) 15". Sorry for the lame thread, I just wanted to share my joy.

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    That's a nice jump and a pretty good deal, Viewsonics from that era were excellent.

    I remember well when I got my Samtron 17" to replace my old 15", felt like I had a whole new computer

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    Yep, pretty sweet deal getting one of those for $30, and it'll be a huge upgrade from an old 15". Your eyes will probably thank you for it.

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