Well.. it was bound to happen, one of my mates from the Caribbean (jamaican), who incidently looks asian (same as me, cept my roots are from St.Vincent, also English Caribbean) and is from an Asian background (more like 100+ yrs ago, once again mirroring me) of indian or pakistani origin was on the train, he was not only isolated (train was packed, but there was like a 3 foot distance all around him) but also verbally called a dirty stinking albanian (wtf?) and bastard paki terrorist..just waiting on my turn. lovely.. things like this makes me just wanna pack my bags up and leave this **** hole. Big thanks to the pissin idiots who believe in a whacked up religion, all us brown folk who don't know or care for your dumb barbaric religion still get caught in the same net, i'd love to say London is a multicultural and lovely place, but i'd be lying, its during times like this that the real feelings come out.