More incidents in London
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    Quote Originally Posted by SexyMF
    And, damnit Islam, take responsibility for your people (said knowing that it is not a fact that Isalmic people are involved)
    I agree with you. Our Church never ever educates us to hate others and other religions. We are, since we were a kid, to love and to care for others, be they poor, handicapped or abandoned. The head of the religion has all the responsibilities in the world to educate them not to hate.

    I fear not to go to London for viewtrips. In fact, I am encouraging my friends and their kids to go for the summer vacation. What these terrorists want is to scare off innocent citizens and create a horiifying atmosphere. If we refrain from going to England just because of that, we will be giving in to these monsters! I hate them, and I will NEVER forgive these terrorists and those who are habouring them.

    Terrorism is a new enemy to our world, every one of us living on this planet. It is more than the damages that their attack has brought about. It is a kind of deviated thinking. In the past, we had the IRA but they are not the same as today's terrorists. The primary difference between IRA and terrorists is IRA's targets were mostly structures. Collateral damages though, did happen. But terrorists target at people. The most frustrating is that they target at innocent people. Another issue posed by terrorism is that there are no entities which constitutes and control the group. They are ... like a network but you can't see and identify until they take actions.

    During the cold war, we have clear enemies. Our missiles had targets so did the other side. We have to study them. I don't know how, but we must find a way to do that.

    The latest news is that special duties have shot dead one suspect in the Stockwell tube station. The suspect fell on his knees aparently, by accident while he was on the run. One of the servicemen grabbed him and pushed him on the ground. When others reached the spot, they shot him. 5 shots. I guess he was trying something really stupid. Bomb is horrible but chemical attack is really the most terrifying. All suspects should be shot on sight because if any device they carry goes off, disaster will follow. 1 dead is better than a hundred.

    I say prayers everyday for British servicemen in the Gulf. We should pray for the safety of every men and wonmen in the country and let's pray God enter these terrorist hearts and stop hurting others.
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