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Thread: Harry Potter

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    Apr 2000
    Have not read any of the books nor watched any of the movies. Maybe later when I'm retired and have a lot of free time on my hands.
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    Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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    I was woken at 7am on Saturday by Emma almost throttling me and demanding that I take her to Asda and get a copy

    She's almost finished it, however I wouldn't read it myself till I'd read the first books
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    Quote Originally Posted by MuFu
    We were stumbling back from a night out on Saturday morning and passed a line of tiny little wizards walking to the book shop. Pretty weird.

    I'm sure the Little Wizards were saying the same thing

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    I tell you what, they must have cast a spell on us or something because it took us ages to find our way home.

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    My 13 yr Daughter is a Harry Potter NUTT! She had to be inline at midnight to get her's and read it in 2 days. Same as LOTR's she's a NUTT! She even made a LOTR website and won 3rd place award for design. I dont get it, too old fashion I guess.

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