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    Video Card

    Hi, I have an AMD k-5 133/64meg ram. I'm looking to upgrade my video card to a 3-d one. Could anybody give me any suggestions for a good one?

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    CajunAce Guest
    I thought you said you had a Pentium 133? A K-5 isn't up to a Pentium 133's speed. Your only hope would be a Voodoo 1 card. You can get a Monster 3D for $39 at CompUSA (after $30 rebate) or a Canopus Pure 3D (6mb) for $49 ( - check the Canopus Pricewatch section).

    But you'd really be wasting your time unless you just want to play games from a year or more ago. Your CPU is just about a doorstop now.

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