Okay, So I lost my temper at work last night
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Thread: Okay, So I lost my temper at work last night

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    Rich Guest

    Okay, So I lost my temper at work last night


    I know I was in the right but I somehow still feel a little bad about what I have done.

    I am working afternoons and stayed a double shift for midnights...
    my fourth double this week so my temper is on the short side.

    My area must be clean and running well by 7:00 AM before the dayshift

    I worked my *** off end of shift to get everything in order.
    I asked a co worker to get the end of shift readings because
    I was busy and he pretty much did nothing all night.

    His reply was "Why do I have to get the end of shift numbers?" ( it takes all of 15 minutes )

    I lost my cool... went to my supervisors office and told her that I was leaving early because I didnt wanna work with this sorry MF'er and that I will not work with this sorry MF'er again. ( employer doesnt care if I leave early if all the work is already done )

    So I come home and relax.... been a six pack in the fridge for about a week
    that I decided to drink. ( probably a bad idea since I gotta be back at work in a few hours )

    Now I am feeling guilty... I know I was in the right and this guys reputation was already poor... but I just made it even worse.

    I am sure most of you run across simular stuff almost daily... just venting.


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    It happens all the time or so it seems anyway. It is always something with coworkers that don't want to do their jobs etc.

    It's life and they always get what is coming to them in the end.

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    I have in the past. When I can spot someone like that, I tend to just think of them as another office plant. Not good for much of anything.
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    I wouldn't waste much time feeling guilty about that. It's one thing if someone is busting their butt but just isn't as good as another employee, but if a person is sandbagging they should be canned.

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    jp has it nailed- screw that guy. if he has a past of being lazy and now complains about one favor then f em. i wouldnt feel guilty one bit, you didnt do anything wrong. im in a similar situation where, a guy rats me out to the committe to try and get me fired. a year later and hes back working at the same shop i am again, its getting to the point where im either gonna quit my job or kill him, not sure which is worse/better

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    Don't feel bad at all. It happens all the time and you shouldn't feel responsible for that persons lack of motivation.
    I did the same type of thing last week after finally tiring of some co-workers being allowed to do the bare minimum or less. I just reminded my supervisor that he was essentially lowering the bar for the rest of us and that soon he wouldn't be able to do anything to us for doing nothing, or screwing up what we did manage to do.
    He actually saw what I and a couple of co-workers meant and took some action.

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    Right. It's a hard world. You don't keep up you get left behind. It's that stark and simple a reality

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    I supervise a restaurant, and I can say that I've come across this many times. If your supervisor didn't get angry because you were leaving early, then they obviously understand you. Hopefully they took a moment to speak to your co-worker, or else that co-worker could think the supervisor doesn't care you work harder. Don't let it get you down, use it to your advantage to show your superiors that you deserve the hours, more pay or a promotion!
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    krupted id have to go along the lines of a swift kick in the arse, not killing. we dont want you doing 25 to life!

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