I know I was in the right but I somehow still feel a little bad about what I have done.

I am working afternoons and stayed a double shift for midnights...
my fourth double this week so my temper is on the short side.

My area must be clean and running well by 7:00 AM before the dayshift

I worked my *** off end of shift to get everything in order.
I asked a co worker to get the end of shift readings because
I was busy and he pretty much did nothing all night.

His reply was "Why do I have to get the end of shift numbers?" ( it takes all of 15 minutes )

I lost my cool... went to my supervisors office and told her that I was leaving early because I didnt wanna work with this sorry MF'er and that I will not work with this sorry MF'er again. ( employer doesnt care if I leave early if all the work is already done )

So I come home and relax.... been a six pack in the fridge for about a week
that I decided to drink. ( probably a bad idea since I gotta be back at work in a few hours )

Now I am feeling guilty... I know I was in the right and this guys reputation was already poor... but I just made it even worse.

I am sure most of you run across simular stuff almost daily... just venting.