I need help please
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Thread: I need help please

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    I need help please

    I have an ATI All in Wonder with a 3D Rage II chip. I want to buy an add on accelerator so I can keep this card, It does not have the graphics for games that I would like. There are so many types and opinions out there and I'm lost, does anyone have any recommendations for me on a card that would work with mine, I dont' want to spend a lot. My system is a 333 CeleronA, P2BXA board, 64MB RAM. Thanks

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    only one choice..get a voodoo2...theyre cheaper now..and if you want to keep your existing video card ..its a great choice..any voodoo2 card will do..*ANY*..they all use the same reference drivers from 3dfx anyways..and in a couple of months, if you like, get another and SLI them together...nothing beats SLI. just to put it in perspective i have a PII 333 overclocked to 400 with a cl tnt and i get 74fps in timedemo1 with quake II, and about 78fps if i oc to 450mhz, a friend with a celeron 300a@450mhz with a *single* 12meg voodoo2 using reference drivers gets 99fps! (these are default settings using quake2 v3.20@640x480) and gets 109fps with his optimized settings, his 2D card is a 1meg trident. trust me..ive seen him do the timedemo with my own eyes.

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