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    LCD Monitors

    I use LCD monitors at work. I have a Samsung CRT at home
    I want an LCD at home too.

    Since the costs are going down (under $200 for 17, under $300 for 19) I am contemplating on purchasing one. From newegg, of course.

    Just wanted to know some quick answers to the following.

    Should I get monitors with built in speakers?
    What should the min specifications be for the monitor (response time, brightness, speaker wattage, etc)
    Lastly, should I dish out that extra $50-$100 for a 19 inch? Or get a brand name but at 17 inch?

    Thanks ahead~
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    I would say no on the integrated speakers. You can buy a monitor with speakers built-in, just do not use them. They are generally poor quality and have no real ammount of power. Like strapping an open pair of headphones onto the monitor.

    I think the extra cost for a 19" is worth it.

    I would recomend that you purchase it from a local retailer with a liberal return policy. Newegg for example has some harsh return policies. Minimum 8 dead pixels. I just bought a Hyundai 19" TFT yesterday for $ 250.00 at Fry's but it has one stuck blue pixel. I am debating returning it, but I fear that I will just get a much worse monitor. One stuck pixel is liveable. If you figure on 1280x1024 native resolution that is 1,310,720 pixels!!! That is .000076% or 99.999924% good! The B90A.

    I liken looking at monitors to listening to speakers. No ammount of looking at specifications in my opinion will tell you the monitor you want to buy. They are a good place to start but nothing beats having it at home and doing with it what you want and seeing how it performs. Make sure you use good material and a good video card to check it out so you will not blame the monitor for something that is not it's fault.
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    I would get a name brand like Samsong. I also agree with getting it locally at someplace like Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry's... and actually test it there. It will piss of the sales guy locally, but you do not have to worry about what there return pollicy is. Look at the display models for the one with the best brightness and veiwing angle. Get something in the 12-16ms refresh rate. Ask them if they have a DVD to play on it. Take your time and look for any dead or stuck pixels or colors being washed or too dark. Also look for flicking parts of the screan (some do not display all the colors and have to make 2 passes. This is easiest to see when watching a DVD. Also make sure text is easy to read at the native resolution (you generally do not want to use anything but the native resolution.

    After you picked out the model, tell the guy you want to hook it up to a computer to test what it looks like. Look very closely at that point for dead or stuck pixels. Ones along the very edge are more common, but not as big a deal, but a red dot stuck on in the middle of the screan is very anoying. If you find any bad ones tell him to get you another one to test. They will hate you, but you will get a defect free monitor and they generally do not go bad over time as they are manufacturing defects really.
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    This may be a moot point by now, but be sure it has a DVI input. It makes a difference to the sharpness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ursukyoung
    Lastly, should I dish out that extra $50-$100 for a 19 inch? Or get a brand name but at 17 inch?
    a 17" and a 19" use the same native resolution, so the pixels on the 19" are larger. if you don't like small text, get the 19" but i personally prefer the 17" for the smaller/sharper text.

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    The 19" LCD's are really great, I have a Samsung 191T and love it.

    Native resolution is 1280x1024.

    Also remember a 19" LCD is like having a 21" CRT because LCDs are measured at true viewable area.

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    miss out the built in speakers and even go for a pair of 10 pc speakers from creative or logitech, the will sound 10X better.even if u dont listen to music.

    check out the LG L1715S 17" LCD if your on a budget, its probably the cheapest big brand monitor you can buy, ive got one and its great although it doesnt have DVI ive not noticed any problems with the image.
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