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Thread: Live8

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    Anyone watch Live8 yesterday? I watched it all day with my mates and thought it was brilliant!

    Was glad to see faithless (even although he only did one song ) as well as snoop dog and the black eyed peas were pretty good too

    what you guys think?
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    Free-to-air TV down here only had a 2-hour highlights package, but what I saw of it looked great. Might have to get the DVD set when it's released.
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    I watched it all day too (across three channels on Freeview - awesome).

    Thought Snoop, Maroon 5 and Black Eyed Peas were great, but the highlights for me were The Who and Pink Floyd. I would imagine being there was an almost religious experience!

    Edit - don't usually like Madonna but her set was definitely another highlight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MuFu
    I would imagine being there was an almost religious experience!
    I went to a Pink Floyd concert years ago, the sound was so neat it was like listening to aquadriphonic cd in a forest for 3 hours. My bottle of port was gone before the end of it. What an experience. Also got to kiss the girl I invited. Almost too easy.
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