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Thread: PTS sites.

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    PTS sites.

    I've always been a ****er (I mean....dupe?) for a quick buck. I have recently been exploring pay to surf sites such as Studio Traffic and 4daily (as well as about 10 others) I know these are not the safest investment, and I'm aware of their Ponzi-like nature and fragility, but it does look like people are making some serious cash. I bit the bullet the other day and dropped $500 into 4 daily. I figure its like gambling, but with really good odds. From an investment point of view I'm aware of the risk

    I was just wondering if any of you smart lot has ever messed with these and what your opinions are.
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    Interesting.. I'll have to look into these. I always wanted to get into the Google Adwords game as well (after reading Googlecash), but figured my best bet for cash would be around the holidays and not much before/after.
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