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Thread: Quake2 on TNT

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    Shiner Guest

    Quake2 on TNT

    Hi, i run a CL grafficks blaster TNT , on a 300a system. now, i get 38 fps in 800x600.(default openGL, demo1.dm2) is this good? i think its low. please help clear my confusion if ya can.
    (forsaken runs at a constant 60fps.)

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    NO! with a PII400 and Diamond AGPTNT, I get 55FPS at 800X600 and 35 FPS at 1024X768. No tweaks or overclocking.

    It could be your drivers.

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    It could use some tweaking.

    I'm running a P2-333(@415) and CL GB/TNT (tweaked)

    Quake2 ver 3.07
    1024 x 768
    defualt install (no Quake tweaks)
    sound enabled
    results: 51 fps


    OCTanePC-Home of Frankenstein CL GB/TNT
    OCTanePC-Home of Frankenstein CL GB/TNT

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    Shiner Guest
    Yeah, i got the herculese drivers. overclocked the core and mem. Now i get about 65fps in q2 @ 800x600.
    thats more like it

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