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Thread: In trouble with the admins

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    i remember back in sophmore year i was doing the usual nothin in study hall i think it was.... anyway they had an old win95 machine for typing and crap- i went through add/remove and deleted it all, then worked on many random system files. The teach kinda saw me doing weird **** and acknowledged me, saying i was trying to mess it up. Well i was out the door but i know for sure there was no way in hell that pc was going to re-boot

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    We couldn't do that at school, the computers were all restricted. when you clicked start all you got was programs and log off. you couldnt add or remove programs, couldnt go on most websites, couldnt change the desktop wallpaper.

    i did manage to use netsend on the windows XP machines though, that was a laugh!
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    Bumping an old thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy_83
    lol yeah I remember getting in trouble a few times at school. We had Acorn computers there, can't remember the model but the OS (Risc OS) was dated 1992 I think.

    I remember a program I wrote, it went :

    10 VDU RND
    20 GOTO 10

    This program, when run, would start to display hundreds of random characters on the screen. What was even more weird though, was that it set the room printer off printing sheets of rubbish - there was just a single line of random characters on each sheet. We had dot matrix printers back then, but when lasers were eventually installed, my program became a major problem whenever anyone ran it. The printers were regularly emptied of paper because for some reason once the program was run, the printer didn't stop until it was reset. Those were the days... (I used to sell it!) You just can't do stuff like that on Windows based pcs....

    Can anyone explain why it even did that
    The code VDU 2 tells a BBC (or RISCOS machine) to echo all the screen output to the printer. VDU 3 turns it off again. If you start a program that sends random VDU codes, eventually one of them will be a 2 and that's when the printing starts.

    My favourite was the *ERROR command on RISCOS - editing application !Run files so they produced error boxes about the Armageddon virus etc. Very funny.

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    Got into the command prompt on windows 2000

    My friend and I are also planning on taking linux live CDs up there.
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    I just got this message from your network admins fellas:

    [Bob, aka: (self proclaimed) Overlord Bob teh Network Admin><or]

    Get back to work slackers and stop messin' with the PC's!

    Sounds like a nice guy. Anyhoot, back to work for me

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    How did you go Andy?

    I remember sending "hi" to every pc loged onto the nerwork at my school. A IT guy came upto me 10min later and said don't do it. No big deal
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    [ITGuyTalk] The reason they dont want you messing with the PC's is 2 fold.

    #1 If you download a virus, or malware it could spread to the whole network

    #2 When you suppose to be working your surfing the net


    Seriously, sure you know what your doing, but do the other 100 people at your office know what they are doing? Answer no. One web page you visit and now 100+ computer are down, the office is completely shut down, as in no work being done, product being sold, all because you wanted special smiley face pointers........

    There is a reason for everything...........

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    Lol, I know a way to get to sites that are blocked., enter the website, Im feeling lucky.
    Now you see what my friends and I do when we are bored. I've always wondered why google does that.
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