Just wondering, has anyone ever got themselves into trouble at work or any other place for messing with the computer setup?

I know you shouldn't, but who doesn't occasionally surf the net, or try to install something. It just seems I took it a bit far today

I was bored today, and messing around on my work pc (I have a 'debugger users' account in Windows, so I can generally mess with stuff). Anyway because there is a problem with my internet access, I decided to rename my computer to see if it was being blocked by its name by any chance. They have a naming convention there for the pcs (mine is 'DSK00012') so I went ahead and changed it to 'ZX81' lol. Anyway it asked me for an admin username/password, so I put in someone elses. Within 15 minutes, this other guy had recieved an email from IT telling him to put his computer name back to how it should be! lol He came around asking if anyone had used his account, so I said yeah, and we had a laugh about it but now IT have to come out tomorrow and put my pc right because they couldn't even access it remotely because I have killed the remote access service I have also completely customised the thing the way I would have it at home. I spent most of the afternoon deleting and uninstalling all the crap from it, so yeah i'm looking forward to tomorrow

edit: forgot to add, how the heck did they notice the name change within minutes of it happening? IT scare me sometimes...