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Thread: Chernobyl

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    Wow, that control room really looks freaky.

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    yeah it does.

    And about the power generation stuff- i see it going one of two ways. Someday were going to figure out how to control fusion, which would mean unlimited power, for next to nothing compared to what we pay today.

    Until then, and it might be another 100 years before we get fusion down, i see hydrogen fuel cells replacing everything. Homes would need no more natural gas, or electricity from a power station. The idea is, the unit sits in the attic or roof, and through the gutters it collects rain water, which in turn is extracted for hydrogen, which runs the fuel cell. Other words, a self-supporting house, what an idea eh?

    I still find it hard to believe that fuel cell homes are going to become that popular only because they cant really sell water. They may do as they did with cars and make you fill up with hydrogen. (they could run those new hydrogen cars on water with the right parts- they dont because they couldnt sell water. I think it will be interesting when mod-kits come out for these cars to let them run on water.)

    Still, OPEC must be shakin in their boots because the hydrogen pumps you see today are
    not filled underground with large tanks of hydrogen. They use water to extract the hydrogen, so yep folks you got it- they found another way to sell water. I will only be pissed if this *special hydrogen fuel * is gonna run over $2 a gallon

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