I thought there was actually already a thread about holidays but either i'm blind or i made it up in my head

Well does anyone have any plans?

My and my mate were talking last night of going to Monaco for the European Supercup Final since he's a Liverpool fan. We then got 2 others interested so actually came up with a plan

Head down to London on the 20th (ish) spend the day in London and drink for the night. Jump on a train going to Paris at around 4am when we get out of the clubs. Sleep on the train untill we get to Paris.

Spend the day in Paris recovering and perving on French birds.

Go drinking again and sleep in a hotel/gutter/french birds house (deffo the prefered option). Head on down to Nice via train maybe stopping off somewhere to wander around.

Get to Nice around the 24th. Spend a few days chilling at the beach. Head into Monaco (only about 10mins on the train) perv on rich french birds. Watch the match then go drinking. Maybe go gambling at the Monte Carlo casino. Try and pull random rich bird and marry for money.

Then fly back to Manchester from Nice on the 27th with a much lighter wallet and slightly more pickled liver.

Hopefully we will do it as will likely be absolutely fantastic.

Anyone else have any plans?