Renaultsport’s ‘Best Hot Hatch Ever’ has arrived in the form of the Clio Renaultsport 182 Trophy, conceived solely for the UK market and limited to a production run of just 500 right-hand drive models.

Based on the Clio Renaultsport 182 Cup, the Trophy version is distinguished at first glance by its Capsicum Red livery, Trophy logos on both rear sills and the larger rear spoiler from the V6. Inside it’s fitted with black Recaro Sport Trendline seats providing a lower driving position. The Renaultsport steering wheel is fitted with leather rim and rubber thumb grips. The wheels are 16 inch Speedline Turini alloys in anthracite; each one saving 1.3kg of weight.

Order books open on Friday 27th May and the price is £15,500 on the road. Unusually, there is no list of optional equipment. Renaultsport sees no need for one, as this is Renaultsport’s Best Hot Hatch Ever, remember?
I would do anything to get £15,500 to buy one of these things man!, the colour just sticks out, its lovely!

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Performance, pictures and video HERE