Okay Gaming Guru's - I'm in need of some shopping help. I just saw a game that I really want to get (Need For Speed) and I just ordered a Force Feedback Wheel for it and was wondering what kind of videocard I should get. I don't want to spend a lot of money since I will probably only play this game once and it will be another two or three years until I find something else to my liking.

The cards I've seen out there that are within my budget are:

GeForce 6600GT
GeForce FX5900
Radeon 9800 Pro

Now, I am completely out of the loop here. I don't even understand why there are so many PCI Videocards out there. Is AGP dying?

Any help would be appreciated. My other computer parts are as follows:

Pentium IV 2.4C
Asus P4P800 built-in Soundcard
1GB DDR400
SCSI Drives
Samsung 172T Monitor

I'd like to play this game using at least 1024 X 768 X 32.

Any suggestions?