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    Well it's so good to have you back mate. Hope you're feeling much better

    Guess what I picked up on Wednesday...

    Engine Bay
    The bonnet does sit properly, just I had it open and didn't close it properly afterwards.

    I love it to bits! It's so much nicer than the old car and is in such good condition. The engine bay is absolutely spotless. You can almost see your reflection on the rocker cover (ok maybe not quite). The colour coded bumpers and side panels really do look much better than the grey, and the revised front bumper gives the car a much tougher look. Can't wait to see how she looks with my meshed grille.

    It's just had 4 new tyres (2 Pirelli) and a new backbox. The engine is so quiet, and I had to check the rev counter to see if the engine was still running when I pulled up to a junction on the journey home. It has 12 months MOT but no tax, so I'll have to get that sorted as soon as the insurance comes through.

    Oh another thing, no way has the interior done 75,000 miles. The seats are so clean and look like new! The old car was starting to get stretch marks along the leather side supports, but there are absolutely no blemishes on these. Even the jack and other tools are still wrapped up in the original cellophane film.

    Coming next... debaged, clear side repeaters, splitter from a renault laguna and my old grille

    Also, thanks to everyone for the replies. It's hard to believe that it's been a week since the accident.
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