For the agnostic or athiest or anarchist
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Thread: For the agnostic or athiest or anarchist

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    For the agnostic or athiest or anarchist

    I want to keep all religious ideology(s), deity(s) and affiliation(s) out of this discussion where possible.
    This thread is intended to explore alternative lifestyles without religion!

    Please start your own thread for discussions in theology, religions, cannon law...

    What i wanted to ask was, whats this life to you? do you take this like a matrix type deal, or are we really here for a plausible reason?

    For some reason i like to lean on the idea that not much of this is very real, too many variables and somehow holding steady, barely, but were hanging in there.

    I believe many people forget, or overlook the fact that this place we are trown into is something straight from the wizard of oz. to me this place is ******' nuts

    anyone with me or the rest of you just gonna burn in hell? j/k

    EDITED: For grammar and clarification with full knowledge/permission of thread starter.
    - Shinma
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