Iím in the market for a video capture device and Iíve done so much research that Iím getting very confused. With MPEG-1 capture devices, you capture video at lower quality but you spare hard drive space. You can also share your work on CD ROMS. MJPEG capture cards on the other hand, capture at higher resolutions, but can take up to 2GB of hard drive space for just 10 minutes of video. Iíve also heard that if you want to share your video that each minute of video captured in MJPEG format takes about 20 minutes to render to MPEG. My problem is that the product Iím interested in (Matrox Marvel G200-TV, for all of the features) captures in MJPEG. I would really like to put an hourís worth of video on a CD ROM to share with my friends as Dazzle Multimediaís Digital Video Creator does. Is there any way I would be able to compress my video into MPEG-1 formats without having to wait so long for the rendering to finish? Would I have to buy a video editing software package that supports both formats or do I need an MPEG-1 decoder card? I was also looking into buying the HI-Val DVD player with the MPEG-2 decoder card, would that help out in any way?