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Thread: Recommend a Video Card

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    Recommend a Video Card

    Hi! I am gonna buy a Celeron 333 processor with an ASUS P2B motherboard (Intel 440BX chipset).

    I am new to video cards and would like to know which video card should I invest in ? I love to play Quake II :-) And which viedo card(s) should I avoid?

    How much video memory do you recommend?

    Many thanks and best wishes for the holiday season!

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    I love my Diamond Monster 3DII. I have 8MB ram on it , but get the 12MB for future games.I understand the Riva 550 TNT is a good choice also.

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    Shiner Guest
    THe riva TNT is tha bomb. but i cant get it to werk right with Unreal.....dammit.
    its cheap too. but u gotta have a fan on it.
    Dont get the diamond one, get like canopus or creative labs.
    Stay away from banshee...

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    S3 savage is the way to go windows 98 supports it i have navigatot pa 70 buy Aopen I put the card in and it just about lowed it self. it is a 8 mg card it will keep up with the best of them. have fun.
    Have Fun and Good Luck!!
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    Chanse Guest
    Get a 16MB TnT based card. I would avoid Savage 3d. S3 even admits that there are problems with the card. TNT allows high resolutions with a beautiful visual quality. And Shiner, it doesn't work right with Unreal, because Unreal only natively supports 3dfx Glide and PowerVr. The directx and openGL patches are crap.

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