Viper V550 problems
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Thread: Viper V550 problems

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    Viper V550 problems

    Hi there,

    First of all I would like to excuse for my bad english. But I'm not from an english-speaking country you see...

    Second, I recently bought a Diamond Viper V550 16MB AGP. When I inserted it into my AGP slot on my Asus P5A mainboard (AMD K6-333 CPU) and fired up Windows 98, it was properly detected. Windows restarted and ran well at 640x480 in 16 color mode... Damn ugly as it was I tried to change it into 16 bit color at 1024x768.. Windows thought it was needed to reboot the system. Well there it was, or actually wasn't... my whole screen blanked and when restarting in safe mode finally I got the ugly 640x480 16 color mode back.. Now it seems this is a common problem... some guy had this problem too, he disabled the Power Management Feature in his BIOS.. but that didn't work for me...

    Do you have any suggestions or solves for me ??

    C-YA FireChild

    If speed kills, windows users may live forever...

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    join the club...this card appears to suck with MVP3 chipset mb's...I bought the exact card you have. I did everything humanly possible to correct a windows protection error problem kept receiving on boot up (including contacting Diamond support several times). The diamond tech support guy said it is really not stable with the socket 7 MVP3 chipset boards such as my Tyan Trinity 100 AT I am screwed.


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    There are few problems with windows98 and the MVP3 chip set...If you have a motherboard with VIA MVP3 chipset (can't remember if this is the chip set on an Asus P5A) then you will need two patches from the VIA website to get the AGP port to work better...

    The first is a miniport patch and the second is a AGP driver patch...I can't remember the names of the files off hand but they should be easy to find. Install them in the order I've listed them above.

    Once they are installed enter your bios and turn the USB port on (even if you don't intend using it). Also make sure you have the following bios settings:

    1) cache video bios = disabled
    2) shadow video bios = disabled
    3) init video first = AGP
    4) assign IRQ for video = enabled
    5) AGP = enabled 2X mode
    6) AGP apature size = 1/2 the size of your system RAM

    Then reinstall the latest driver for the video card...

    Hope this is of some help

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