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Thread: What happend to alwaynenoughtram or AER's posts.

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    ol' man is offline workin fingas to the bone
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    fedex is really screwing up
    they f--- me up good this time.
    someone working their have lie that the package already delivered when it fact it isn't. yesterday 3/20 right? i checked the tracking number 091 091 910 125 657
    it said estimated delivery date 3-21. so on 3-21 today I checked at 1pm and was changed to delivered 3-20 signed at the front door
    what a load of crap! man I am so pissed im about to tear them to pieces.
    other time they would not even knock on the door and just said I wasn't home!
    man they just pissing me off more and more everytime. I had no prob with UPS, been OK so far not like fedex jerks. it was my replacement for the defective 4x4 cdriter btw, if you wondering what was in the package. I have a feeling the moron who work their must hate me! man im going to beat the crap out of him if I see him. anyway im going to do some cooling off later.
    Is it legal now? LOL

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    very bipolar
    SHUT DOWN CNN They are murderous liars.

    XiBase and

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    I have nothing BUT trouble with UPS in my area. More than 50% of the time that they're the carrier, I end up going down to the 42nd st. station to pick up my package. They lie about delivery attempts, leave stuff in the hall when they're supposed to deliver it to the apt.. I won't even order from a place that only offers them as a carrier.

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