Upgrading my Video Card on a HP 8215
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Thread: Upgrading my Video Card on a HP 8215

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    Upgrading my Video Card on a HP 8215

    I want to ask you guys' if there will be any conflicts or missing features if I want to upgrade my video card to Creative Lab's Riva TNT. Correct me if I am wrong, I saw that there are many kinds or different versions rather for the Creative's Graphics Blaster Riva TNT (AGP2X, OEM, 128bit, etc) This make me a little confuse for my selection. Can anyone clear this up? Is the RIVA TNT all the same actually only with the difference of AGP/PCI? What is OEM and what is Box?

    I am also not sure what kind of motherboard my HP8215 has so I thought some of you here would know something. Will it cause any conflicts or do I have to reconfigure my BIOS settings (which I am afraid that I might not do a very good job of)

    Here are some of the specifications that I know about my Hewlett Packard 8215:

    - 300MhZ Intel® Pentium® II processor with MMX™ Technology
    - 32K primary Cache
    - 512K Level 2 Cache
    - Video Graphics: ATI Rage Pro Direct 3D display graphics with AGP technology. 4MB SGRAM with Feature connector.

    I got 4 free PCI expansion slots.

    Does my current/future video cards have anything to do with the ability to watch VCDs in my DVD-ROM? Will the performance improve with the new card?

    Will Riva TNT heat up very quickly when run? My computer is not situated in an air conditioned room.

    This is about all for now, I will ask more if there are more

    Thanks in advance,

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    all I can do is tell you about oem and box. oem is the card without the pretty display box. also oem usually doesn't come with all the software that the boxed version ships with. it may or may not come with a demo disk or something. oem doesn't get the support from the manufacturer like the boxed one does...this is what I am told. I'd look at the software that comes with the boxed card and if you like it get it but if you don't want the software save a few bucks and buy the oem.

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