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Thread: What will they think of next?

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    Originally posted by AMD Guy
    Where is the remote controll robot who loads in the food, measures and mixes in the ingredients?
    You mean YOUR MOTHER?!

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    Originally posted by MuFu
    You mean YOUR MOTHER?!
    good one, MuFu
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    Originally posted by JPNYC
    Isn't that what laptops with wireless cards are for?
    It's what mine's for. Like I'm gonna miss posting for a bodily function. Not.
    Jesus awaits you .... keep talking and I'll take care of the travel arrangements.

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    I thought so. I mean what other use can they serve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krupted
    actually, the logitech harmony remote is online-enabled for a very good reason. The userbase is constantly updated, so there is always commands for your remote even on components that have come out after the remote was made.

    Ive tried many of learning remotes before but this one is by far the easiest to use and it also works as well as my origional remotes

    i really cant say enough about it, i want another one for upstairs but they are expensive at about $120 street price
    How often do you think that you should hook up the harmony up to the internet to get updates for your components? Unless you add a component, once your current components are programmed to the harmony remote, is there any reason to hook up to the internet at all?

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