New graphics for PII Celeron Upgrade
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Thread: New graphics for PII Celeron Upgrade

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    New graphics for PII Celeron Upgrade


    At the moment I'm running a QDI Titanium TX with an AMD K6-300MMX, 128MB S-DRAM, 4MB ATI Rage Pro (PCI).

    I'm just about to build a new machine. I've decided on a Celeron 333a (128K cache) on an ABIT BH6 (5 PCI) BX Motherboard. 128MB PC-100. I've had a look at AGP graphics cards and there's so much to choose from. I don't need a dedicated Voodoo II card because I don't play that many games, but I would like a "good" 2D/3D card. It would be run under WinNT 4 (sp4) and Win98. I have no budget.

    I've been looking so far at

    Viper V550
    Creative Labs TNT (I can't remember the exact name)

    Are these basically the same cards ?

    I've also been looking at the Matrox Productiva, ATI 128 Rage Fury and the ATI Expert 128.

    What is the definitive 2D/3D Card ?

    Best Regards

    PS Whats the ATI 128 Rage Fury (Magnum)

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    The definitive 2D/3D card is subjective. Some like the TNT, I have a Matrox Mil G200 16Mb, and I have yet to dislike it, and I usually dislike things pretty quickly.
    You'll have to make your call, but don't bother with the Productiva.

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    Why the 333a?? why not the 300a? I say canopus spectra 2500, tnt.....
    It's the best of the tnt cards...
    My 345,098 cents

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    Right now I've got a CL Graphics Blaster. the 3D is really good but the 2D is lacking. I had a Matrox Millenium II AGP and it's 2D was very very nice.
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