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    K6 3D - Now

    I have a new Computer with a K6 3D - Now processor. 64 Mb ram
    It is fitted with a Viewtop 3D graphics card fitted with 8 Mb.

    I am trying to load a game called Formula 1 97 and it requires a 3D Accelerator Card.

    When I try to start the game the opening screen runs and music plays but as soon as it get to the end of this sequence the CD light goes on and off continuously and the screen stay blank.

    Any Ideas welcome?

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    i've found it useful to use the DXDIAG.EXE that comes with directx 6.0. make sure you have the latest directx drivers for your video card, install directx 6.0, and try running the dignostics program. this will help to verify your setup before trying any games.

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