Let's cut to the chase
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Thread: Let's cut to the chase

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    Let's cut to the chase

    After reading fury's locked thread & then seeing his banned status for daring to talk about his locked thread & seeing Professur get edited, literally within seconds, it may be a good time to ask the all-important questions. I saw nothing that broke the AUP.

    What exactly are the limits of an HWC off topic forum? If posting pacifiers is too much or hinting at (or openly typing) porn titles is against the rules & anything "deemed offensive, objectionable, or in poor taste' covers just about anything, anytime, anywhere...wouldn't it be made simpler to just give a list of allowed topics?

    Let me start the list

    OTC has a political room in which all but the most excessive & abusive is allowed (something about freedom of speech). I'm not suggesting that here (yet) but a little leeway must be allowed in off topic.

    Just offering my never to be humble opinion & trying to get my bearings.
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