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Thread: Name your tipple

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    Jul 2001
    The Dry Side of Australia(WA)

    Water ~every so often!

    and the world famous...........

    Bundaberg Rum or as it is known in some
    parts Oz-"Queensland Diesel"

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    Sep 2002
    Raymond, WA
    Usually it's R&R (Canadian Whiskey) straight up, but when having Pizza, I've gotta have some Black Butte Porter.

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    Apr 2000
    Originally posted by Moatmonster
    Bundaberg Rum or as it is known in some
    parts Oz-"Queensland Diesel"
    Ooh, yeah that's good stuff from what I can remember (not much, it was a hazy three weeks on the East Coast).

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    Jan 2003
    Weehawken NJ
    Originally posted by Richard R.
    I haven't drank in like 19 years. If someone would, please go get an Abita beer and drink it for me. It is brewed here in my home town, but since I don't drink anymore I didn't get an opportunity to taste one. LOL
    Hey Rich, thought you might want to know. Was in NYC this weekend and went to a BBQ place in Harlem called Dinosaur. Saw they had an Abita Turbo Dog Ale from LA... thought of your post and tried it. Mighty tasty beer that one. Darker than I expected too.
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    I live in Belgium. Enough said.
    Wonder why such a small country gets the biggest brewer group in the world ?
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