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Thread: Top 5 Favorite Movies

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    I, Robot is good. Asimov would be rolling in his grave but as a no-brainer film with great A/V it's cool.

    Wild Wild West though... oh dear lord.

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    which reminds me of another great movie I forgot
    both book and the movie might actually be one of the finest examples of a brief yet profound study of a human psyche of all times


    and the scene in the movie where the boy-robot sits on the bottom of the ocean is, well, simply a masterpeace

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    Originally posted by greenfreak
    I was a little dissapointed in it, after reading the book first. I should stop doing that, and read the book afterwards. I might enjoy the movie more.
    Same here with every book I have read before seeing the movie, both of them.
    LOR trilogy and The Hunt for Red October.

    An old B&W movie I liked is Mr 880
    "This film was based on the true story of Emerich Juettner, an elderly junk dealer in New York who, like the character in the movie, only used counterfeit dollar bills to make ends meet. He was arrested in 1948 and sentenced to nine months in jail and a $1 fine."

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    I think the only movie I saw that lived up to the book was Shawshank Redemption. Which is why it's in my top 10.

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