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    video card

    On sons system 4 meg graphic master 2D/3D.
    System will not go to 256 without crashing. Can some one give me some advice on how to resolve this? Youngest son would really like to play his games but understands these things take a little time.
    Thanks a bunch

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    It sounds like it's just a video driver problem. I've never heard of a "graphic master 2D/3D" card but if you could find their website then download the newest drivers for your video card and load them up in Win9x whatever your OS is.
    It also depends on what your trying to set this video card up to. At very high resolutions of 1280x1024 it's impossible to have 4meg video card run colors other than 16. In that card, it's time to look for a new video card to buy.

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