Riva TNT lockups in d3d
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Thread: Riva TNT lockups in d3d

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    Riva TNT lockups in d3d

    Just bought a Diamond V550. Haven't run any benchmarks yet but the card rocks. It's a lot faster than the Voodoo Rush I had in both Open GL and D3D.
    However in some D3D games I am having some lockups now and then. The video locks and the sound keeps repeating (got an sb16).
    In NBA Live99 if I wait for a while it may unlock and keep on playing but in most others it doesn't and I have to reset the pc.
    Could it be the drivers ? I noticed that Diamond hasn't released any new drivers since October and I'm considering installing the reference drivers.

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    I've had some problems with the AGP version of the V550 myself...

    I've found that to get better stability you need to:

    Set cache video bios = disabled
    video bios shadow = disabled
    init first video = correct for card type
    assign IRQ for video = enabled

    and if you have a motherboard with a MVP3 chipset you will need the latest miniport and AGP port drivers...

    Hope this is of some help

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